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      三亞城市職業學院歡迎您!Welcome to Career Academy, Sanya!

      你好,歡迎來到三亞城市職業學院官網! 登錄 注冊 搜索


      Application Requirement

      Sophomore or junior college students who are studying Hotel Management or related academic disciplines in overseas higher education institutions are qualified for application. Requirements for candidates:

      1.Non-Chinese citizens with a valid foreign passport

      2.Age 18-25 years old

      3.Physically and mentally healthy

      4.No criminal record

      5.Fluent in English and preferably can speak some basic Chinese.


      Application Procedure                                                                     

      International interns in St. Regis Yalong Bay

      Download the Application Form or acquire it from the Admission Office of our overseas partner colleges.

      Please assemble the Application Form with the following documents and email them to scvc@fazheng.com.cn  

      The submission deadline for this application is December 31st, 2019 for the Program starting in the spring term; and May 31st 2020 for the Program starting in the Winter term.   

      Document list:

      1.Application Form for the Hotel Management Internship Program.

      2.Original copy of the Recommendation Letter issued by the college/university where the candidate is reading a related diploma/degree program.

      3.Photocopy of the college/university transcript of the applicant.

      4.Photocopy of the applicant’s passport, which has to be valid for at least 18 months after the date of application.

      5.Health Certificate issued by a certified clinic or hospital in the home country.

      Successful candidates will receive an Admission Letter from SCVC as well as the Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202). Students admitted can then apply for a study visa (X1 visa) to China at the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate with the Admission Letter and Form JW202.

      Contact us

      For further inquiries, please contact us via email (scvc@fazheng.com.cn ) or call the Department of International Education office landline +86-898 38283760. You can also find more information about SCVC on our website http://www.xeroxshams.com