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      三亞城市職業學院歡迎您!Welcome to Career Academy, Sanya!

      你好,歡迎來到三亞城市職業學院官網! 登錄 注冊 搜索

      About SCVC



      Introduction to Sanya City Vocational College


      Sanya City is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island. Often called the ‘Oriental Hawaii’, Sanya is a famous holiday destination in China, renowned for its tropical climate and beautiful beaches. The local tourism service industry is well developed with numerous luxurious resorts of international hotel brands, which offers an ideal internship and employment opportunity for students and industry elites. Under the guidance of the One Belt and One Road Initiative, and also thanks to its strategic location in the Maritime Silk Road, Sanya City is gradually becoming a popular international tourism hotspot and an important cultural exchange center connecting Southeast Asia. 


      Established in 2001, Sanya City Vocational College (SCVC) is a certified higher education institute specialized in vocational training, approved by the Hainan Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education in China. The College is located near downtown Sanya, not far from the public beach of Dadonghai. Nested in a peaceful and lush green campus, SCVC provides an idyllic learning and living space with its modern learning and living facilities.